Franklin Haney Sr. Chairman and Founder

Franklin Haney Sr. is the founder of FLH Company, one of the nation’s leading real estate and property developers.

Raised in McMinn County, Tennessee, Haney grew up on a farm before working his way through the University of Tennessee (UT) as a salesman for Southwestern Publishing Company. Haney moved to Washington after graduation to work as a legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Al Gore, Sr. of Tennessee and attend the George Washington University School of Law. Capitol Hill kindled his interest in politics; upon returning to Tennessee, his involvement in politics included serving as assistant general counsel to the Tennessee Public Service Commission and making a bid for the 3rd Congressional District seat and later, a bid for the Governor’s office.

When the FLH Company moved their office to the District in 1994, the Haneys purchased residential property in the city’s newly redeveloped Penn Quarter. The Haneys’ investment in Washington also underscored their belief in the vibrancy and viability of downtown.

Franklin Haney is married to the former Emeline Willingham and they have five grown children: Mary Alice, Mae Elizabeth, Margaret McGowan, and twins, Emeline Michelle and Franklin, Jr. The Haneys’ daughters have all married Washingtonians.

Franklin Haney serves on the advisory board for the GWU Law School and, along with Emeline, are active supporters of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The Haneys are members of Columbia Country Club and attend St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.