Frank Haney Jr. President

Frank Haney Jr. is responsible for securing and structuring new projects as well as selling or restructuring the financing of existing project owned by the Franklin L. Haney Company and its affiliates. His expertise lies in locating new projects for the Company, working with the state and local governments on the projects and developing the business and financial structure in order to obtain the projects. Frank has secured over $1,000,000,000 in financing for such projects.

In addition, he handles the day to day operations of the Franklin L. Haney Company and its related entities along with managing the employees, which total approximately 100. The Company has downsized or sold many assets over the last 5 years which drastically reduced the number of employees under employment in order to free up cash flow and refocus attention on new more profitable projects.

Haney also manages and review all financial data for the Company, which includes the DC and Birmingham Office Buildings, the Colorado property, the Dulles Greenway Toll Road, the Miller/Coors Distributing Company and all family cash assets and securities.